Jack Rippon

Jack Rippon

United Kingdom
BSc Psychology

I chose to study Psychology at uni because I was fascinated by the subject when doing my A-levels and wanted to have a career where psychology played a large part. When I started the course, all of the lecturers were very friendly and supported me in my learning whenever I had a question to ask. Lectures have been very clear and full of information that I will take with me after my studies. I have enjoyed the quieter aspects of student life, being part of societies and a sports club to relax and take my mind off studies from time to time.

After I graduate, I hope to gain some work experience in the education sector before planning to do a Masters degree, with the hope of working in higher education in the future, either at a college/high school or university.

I would happily recommend Swansea University to aspiring students. Being so close to the beach was a big reason why I chose the uni, and the city itself is full of things to see and do. There is a society for all sorts of interests and beliefs, and the facilities on campus are easily accessible. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Swansea; it is definitely the place to be!

Do you participate in a Swansea University sports team/club?

I am part of the badminton club, which I have been a part of since starting 3rd year. It has been really fun and more popular than I thought, and has helped me meet a lot more people.

Are you/have you been part of a society?

I was part of the English and Creative Writing society in 1st year. Everyone was very friendly and supportive of others to showcase their work.

Have you lived in halls during your studies?

I have lived in private halls throughout the entirety of my uni experience and have really enjoyed it. The environment is great both to socialise and study