Huan Yi Yap

Huan Yi Yap

BSc Zoology

I have been interested in animals since I was young and hence decided to pursue my studies in a related subject. In my course, zoology, not only I have to learn about animals, but I also have to be all rounded and to know about the plants, ecology, and chemistry.

One of my favourite things about Swansea would be the people in Swansea. People in Swansea I have met are kind and friendly and this does not apply only to the staff in the university. People off-campus are also willing to help in trivial things. I had an experience with a lady helping to pick fresher grapes which is considered weird to me, but it is warm when you think back to the moment.

Besides that, the facility in the university is one of my favourite things. The university has a COVID-19 testing centre at the Taliesin Arts Centre on campus which is useful for travelling students.

The last thing is the service provided by the university. As an international student, there is quite some things to sort when we reach Swansea such as the BRP and student card. The staff were helpful and helped me to sort out these important details quickly.