Hilary Nguyen

Hilary Nguyen

MA Communications, Media Practice and Public Relations

I chose to study in Wales as I had researched a lot about the courses on Media studies and found out the courses that Universities in Wales offer are excellent, especially the one in Swansea University.

I enjoy every moment whilst studying here as my professors are extremely inspiring and professional. Moreover, my course features a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops with the assessment based on assignments, practical group work and individual projects. It enables me to develop oral and professional writing skills, improving my abilities with digital media and learning to present ideas in a range of formats. These skills and abilities are definitely vital for my future career.

I love Swansea because: first, Swansea is very peaceful with a low criminal rate. Besides, the people here are extremely friendly, especially international students.

Second, I found Swansea is very beautiful with stunning nature. You can easily access the beach, mountains as they are within the city.

Third, I found the cost of living in Swansea is very affordable. It is considered one of the most affordable cities in the UK whilst still keep a high living standard. Therefore, I know Swansea is a city for everybody, especially for international students.