Hannah Bowen

Hannah Bowen

BEng Aerospace Engineering

I chose to study engineering because I was a creative person who enjoyed maths and science, and engineering combines these subjects together really nicely. Because I hadn't studied the necessary A Levels, I started university on the Engineering Foundation course. I chose Swansea because of the Bay Campus (which was opening in time for my first year of study) and the fantastic facilities I’d have access to.


I currently work as a systems simulation engineer at Mercedes AMG F1, which requires me to simulate the fluid behaviours of various internal aspects of the car and consequently provide input to optimise its performance. As part of the systems group, I also work on race support at the factory for some of the races, for which I analyse the live data coming from the track.

 I think the amount of maths included was what initially made me choose Aerospace- I loved the idea of a degree which used maths for practical applications.

Looking back, what were some of your favourite classes and why?
I found myself interested in any subjects which included fluid dynamics, and particularly the 3rd year module in Gas Dynamics. I enjoyed the puzzles of trying to predict the fluid behaviours. I guess that interest stuck around, because that's exactly what I pursued as a career.

How did your year in industry influence your career path?
I spent my year in industry at Williams Advanced Engineering, working as a design engineer. Whilst my current job is quite different, that year gave me a great insight into the life cycle of an engineering project as I was required to manage a document which tracked the progress of every aspect of the project. The Formula 1 connections were also helpful in getting my current job.

What other experiential learning opportunities did you take on as a student?
I spent a lot of time at university on the formula student team, where you design and build a single-seated race car, and then compete with it against other universities. This was a great experience, and I was honoured to lead the team in my final year. Sadly, Covid prevented us from finishing the car, but we still achieved fantastic results in the events which took place virtually.

I also spent a couple of weeks in Zambia with the engineering department getting stuck in to various projects, including building a play area at an orphanage, and fixing medical equipment at a hospital. That trip was incredibly rewarding, and an experience I will always treasure.

The careers department was also a big help in preparing me for interviews and applications for my placement year, and had a wealth of experience and connections to give us the best chance possible.

Tell us more about your Swansea experience

I had a fantastic experience at Swansea University, and I left very ready to be a working professional.

Being near the beach obviously has to be the top of the list of my favourite things at Swansea. Aside from that, I think the people are friendly (though I may be biased as a local), and there's a huge variety of things to get stuck into. It has the vibrancy you'd want from a big city with the openness and landscape you get from the countryside, which is a nice balance.

What advice would you give to a prospective undergraduate student? If you have the chance, go to visit the university, chat to the student ambassadors, meet the lecturers, take a walk along the beach, and just generally explore the area. Three years will go very fast in a place where you're happy and feel at home.