Haley Christian

Haley Christian

United States of America
MA Communications, Media Practice and Public Relations

I chose Swanseqa as it is more cost effective for me to study outside of the United States, and Swansea had exactly the program that I was looking for. I found out that the media department was very good through my research, and it made me excited to choose to come to Swansea University.

I am from Sarasota Florida in the United States. I am in the Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations master’s program. I am currently enjoying living abroad and focusing on my studies.

I enjoy that there are classes about many different areas of media being taught, such as digital media and video production. It is helpful to learn about all different types instead of being stuck learning just one method. I think the course is very flexible. There are many choices for the optional modules so it lets every student choose exactly what they are interested in. My favorite module so far has been the Visual Communication and Media Design.

I really enjoy my lecturers. They are engaging, make learning the subject fun, and explain what they are teaching very well. They have all been extra supportive and have been there to answer any questions I have had.

My three favorite things about my course are the lecturers, the skills I am learning, and the people that I have met that are studying the course along with me. I have learned many valuable skills such as planning PR campaigns and using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This will help me in my career when I apply these skills to a future position.

My three favorite things about Swansea are the city centre, the walkability of the town, and the friendliness of the locals.

Swansea University is an amazing place and provides you with everything you need to study the subject of your choice and make it a career that you love in the future. The town is beautiful and easy to navigate, and I would recommend coming here to anyone that is looking for a place to study, especially international students that are looking to move somewhere different.