Fflur Mathias

Fflur Mathias

BA Welsh

What did you enjoy most about studying your course at Swansea University?

The campus was pretty with beautiful views. Everything was walkable on campus and never too far. The lecturers were friendly and supportive.

How did your degree help prepare you for your career?

As welsh was a subject I enjoyed at school and teaching was a career I was interested in I thought doing a subject like welsh would open many doors for me. By now I am a Secondary School Welsh teacher, so a lot of the content during the course has helped to prepare - it meant that my grammatical language was of a high standard and also meant I had knowledge in regards to different literature. My degree at Swansea University also helped me to prepare for further studying in regards to academic essays and how they should be written.

What skills did you learn during your studies, that you now use in your career?

- Working and communicating with different people
- Meeting deadlines efficiently
- Meeting new people and new environments
- Building relationships
- Working as an individual but also as a team

Would you recommend this course to prospective students? (explain why)

Yes - The course had a huge variety of different modules which meant we got to experience language lectures and how language works but also literature and looking at modern day literature but also old historic literature. This variety kept the course entertaining and different every semester. The lecturers were also very helpful and their offices were always open if you needed any extra help or explanation or questions with anything

What advice would you give to students who want to pursue your career?

It’s definitely worth the hard work to get there. Some days can be quite difficult, but it’s all worth it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I would recommend making sure you’ve had some experience in the field of education first as this can benefit you massively when you come to going into schools and helping with confidence of being around children too. You have to be open minded and ready for things to possibly be out of your control and improvise if needed. But it’s a fun career to get started in.