Bethany Qualter

United Kingdom
BSc Psychology and Criminology

What are your top 3 favourite things about Swansea (the city/area)? 

The beach; the opportunities Swansea University gives you; and how close everything is.

Why did you choose to study your degree at Swansea? 

There weren’t too many universities who ran Psychology and Criminology, and so at the Open Day I was sold. Also, the fact that Swansea was BPS accredited was a deal breaker. Some universities don’t offer this, and that put them at the bottom of the list.  It was quite far away from home, which meant that I really had to fully immerse myself into university life. Furthermore, the location and how friendly everyone at the Open Day was. All these factors, combined with personal preference, and the personal touch throughout the process (I was phoned in April to see if I had any questions before coming to the university!) meant it was perfect.

What is your favourite thing about your course? 

I love how different the courses are. I could be studying the legality of abortion in one hour, then looking at how the infant brain develops in the next. It means that I haven’t got at all bored throughout the course. Also, the different assessment styles work for me too. I have a mix of essays, exams and multiple-choice quizzes, so very few of my assessments are worth 100% of the grade. This I find amazing.

If you are a Joint Honours student – why did you choose to study Joint Honours, and what is your experience? 

I did well in Psychology at A-Level, so I knew I wanted to do something relating to that. But I also loved True Crime, so I started research Criminology alongside Psychology. At first, I wasn’t a fan as I thought it meant double the workload. But after talking to staff at Swansea, I realised this was the case. It meant I could do something that I did well in, and something that had forever fascinated me at the same time. It was a dream!

What are you planning/hoping to do after you graduate?

I have been accepted onto a Masters course within Swansea, so I’ll be here for at least another year! After that, I honestly have no idea, but would love to stay in Swansea for a little while longer.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students? Why? 

100% I would! I absolutely adore it here and could probably talk about all the great things relating to Swansea for hours on end. Swansea has everything you would want in a university, plus the fact the beach is a ten minute walk away. Another great selling point.

Do you participate in a Swansea University sports team/club? 

I was a casual swimmer, so technically a member, but not for anything competition related. Still, it was fun to meet a group of people with similar interests to me.

Are you/have you been part of a society?  

I was part of Shoreline Theatre (drama society) throughout my degree. I eventually became the Secretary and then the President in consecutive years. I was also part of Make a Smile, which is a charity organisation based across the United Kingdom, as well as the Psychology Society as well.

Have you lived in halls/student housing or at home during your studies? 

I lived in Kilvey, based on Singleton Campus, in year 1. We were in a flat with 19 in total, so it was a great way to make friends. After this, I moved into private student accommodation in Brynmill for the latter two.

Have you worked part-time during your degree? 

I worked as a student ambassador for the latter two years, which I enjoyed massively. I also worked at an independent coffee shop in Brynmill in year 3.