Awel Haf Pritchard Jones

Awel Haf Pritchard Jones

BSc Social Work

I have chosen to study through the medium of Welsh because I hope to work as a Welsh speaking Social Worker. Having the opportunity to work with people who speak Welsh is a great privilege for me, as the Welsh language is an important part of my identity, which supports my academic development.

On work placements, I have seen the difference that using the Welsh language makes in helping people and I have seen first hand the importance of working with people in their native language, as this enhances the individual's relationship and experience. Often, they relax more quickly into the situation and trust the professional relationship. There is a great demand for Welsh speaking employees by the Welsh Government and the Care Council for Wales.

I am receiving an Incentive Scholarship from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and the Academi Hywel Teifi Scholarship this year for studying 40 credits a year through the medium of Welsh. The money is a great help in purchasing resources for the course such as textbooks.

My favourite part of the course is being taught by lecturers with so much experience in the field, and being able to apply the knowledge and skills we learn within the lectures on real work placements.