Angharad Grimwood

Angharad Grimwood

BMid Midwifery

I chose to study at Swansea because I left my interview feeling like nowhere else would compare.

The beach location and real community feel of the campus made me feel right at home from the start. Not only this but I was made to feel really excited about my journey into Midwifery from the talks at the open day as well as the introduction to University as a whole, which has an excellent academic standing and excellent student satisfaction statistics.

There are so many things I love about my course but I think my favourite thing would have to be the integrated element of study and placement.

I am able to apply all the knowledge and skills I learn in University directly into my practice as a Student Midwife.

It has given me a real taste for working as a Midwife, which I feel is vital for students wanting to be in this role. Not only that, but it has taught me the art of organisation and being able to manage my time effectively. All these skills will in turn help me to become the best Midwife I can be.

My advice for anyone applying would be to fully understand the role of a midwife.

Take time to read about the profession, understand the challenges you might face and consider if the roles and responsibilities suit your personality and your lifestyle. Starting the course is a big shock as it’s very intense and busy but you’ll know if it’s right for you because you’ll love every second. Keep your passions close to your heart and always be yourself!