Professor Harold Thimbleby
Computer Science
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  1. Thimbleby, H., Williams, D. A tool for publishing reproducible algorithms & A reproducible, elegant algorithm for sequential experiments Science of Computer Programming 156 45 67
  2. Thimbleby, H. Misunderstanding IT: Hospital cybersecurity and software problems reach the courts Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review 15 11 32
  3. Thimbleby, H. Cybersecurity problems in a typical hospital (and probably in all of them) Developing Safe Systems, Proceedings of the 25th Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 415 439
  4. Thimbleby, H., Cairns, P. Interactive numerals Royal Society Open Science 4 4 160903
  5. Thimbleby, H., Oladimeji, P., Cairns, P. Unreliable numbers: error and harm induced by bad design can be reduced by better design Journal of The Royal Society Interface 12 110 20150685

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  • Public Engagement with Research: Methods, support mechanisms and drivers for evidence-based impact. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Huw Bowen
    Other supervisor: Prof David Turner
  • 'Human-Computer Interaction and Patient Safety' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr Tom Owen