Mr Richard Griffith

Mr Richard Griffith

Senior Lecturer, Nursing

Welsh language proficiency

Basic Welsh Speaker
Office - F04
First Floor
St Davids Block 3 School of Health Science
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Richard is a senior lecturer in Law at the School of Health and Social Care, where he has taught since 1992. He initially trained as a mental nurse becoming registered in 1983 and later gaining a diploma in Nursing (1988). He then turned his attention to an academic career completing a certificate in Education in 1991 and graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing degree in 1992. He completed a Master of laws (legal aspects of medical practice) in 1995 and has also completed a professional graduate diploma in law (1997).

He has particular interest in applied law and has published over 300 articles in a wide range of nursing, pharmacy and medical journals. Richard also provides training and advice to NHS trusts and Local Health Boards on applied law. Topics include mental capacity and mental health law, pharmacy and medication management, recordkeeping and giving evidence in court.

Richard is the leader of the Health and Social Care Law team which is taught to undergraduates, postgraduates, on professional courses and specialist bespoke courses to health boards and local authorities.