Dr Zoran Jelic
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Room: Academic Office - A_212
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  • EGA220 Aerospace Systems

    The module introduces systems to aerospace engineering students, and covers aspects of systems engineering, systems management, aircraft fluid systems,aircraft electrical and electronics systems, aircraft flight control systems, maintenance and reliability of systems.

  • EGA229 Experimental Studies - Aerospace

    The course introduces the students to experimental studies in a wide range of subjects relevant to Aerospace Engineering. Each experiment is self contained and the student will present the findings in written form through a lab report (or combination of lab reports and class tests) which will have a set of experiment specific questions to answer. This written reports and class tests also forms the basis for the assessment. All students work in groups and carry out five in-situ experiments and one external experiment, however the assignments are all individually submitted. The students keep a log-book of the experimental observations and results, which is used for reference for the technical report from each experiment written-up within the fortnight after the experiment.

  • EGA341 Space Propulsion and Power Systems

    The module will introduce past, current and future developments in technology used in space propulsion and power systems for space vehicles. The lecturing topics will cover majority of relevant theories and practical applications related to the space vehicles launch phase, manoeuvring and deep space missions.

  • EGH307 Systems Engineering

    The modules introduces systems and systems to engineering students, and covers aspects of systems engineering, systems management, fluid power systems, electrical and electronic systems,control systems, and maintainability and reliability of systems in relation to Aerospace Industry and Aircraft design and manufacture.