Xiaojun Yin is a Chartered Engineer with experience in civil and structural engineering design. She has worked in a broad range of disciplines, including Bridges, Marine, Building Structures and Advanced Engineering Analysis.


  • EG-3065 Civil Engineering Design Practice and Management II.

    Civil Engineering projects can be amongst the most complex projects you can find in any sphere of work. An understanding of the different elements of a project from conceptual design through to construction requires consideration of design efficiency, buildability and effective risk management. This module will cover a number of design design elements such as civils, superstructure, drainage and foundation design, together with consideration of the practicality of project delivery. The design work is linked with typical construction activities such as programming, method and site logistics to provide students with a realistic experiences of the whole project.

  • EG-M24 Advanced Structural Design

    This module aims to equip students with advanced structural design concepts from first principles, such as yield line theory, prestressed beams, combined torsion, bending and shear, strut and tie, composite sections, fire engineering. Design of sustainability and its applications will be taught. The module is taught in accordance with structural Eurocodes.

  • EG-R01 Study Abroad (Engineering)

    Study at a partner institution abroad.

  • EGA200 Civil Engineering Design Practice I

    A practical group design project based on a real-life building design scenario, aimed to provide students with understanding of the whole building design process and real-life design experience utilising the theory taught in modules EG-222 Reinforced Concrete Design, EG-224 Steel Design and EG-386 Engineering Management.

  • EGSM13 Engineering in Development Practice

    This module will give introduction on how engineering fits within the development context. The module aims to develop students┬┐ understanding of the important factors which will play a role in the success of an engineering solution in a given context, and the myriad of the interdisciplinary skills required for effective delivery.