Professor Mark Cross
Professor Emeritus (Engineering)
Telephone: (01792) 295514

Over the years I have worked on the computational modelling and analysis of a wide range of materials/metals and minerals processes. These processes generally involve complex interacting physics over a variety of scales. As such most of my research has involved what is now called multi-physics and includes the development of numerical methods and software technologies.

Typically the models I have developed are very compute intensive and so the host software technologies are developed to take advantage of high performance parallel clusters. Recent interests have included:

Computational modelling of ore heap leaching processes
Centrifugal shape casting for TiAl blades in aerospace engines
Metal-metal seal design
Vertical axis wind and water turbine design
Micro-blood pump design optimisation
Macro-segregation of metals during solidification
Simulation based design of ventilation systems


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  2. & Performance comparison of a blast furnace gravity dust-catcher vs. tangential triple inlet gas separation cyclone using computational fluid dynamics. Separation and Purification Technology 115-215.
  3. & Modelling and validation: Casting of Al and TiAl alloys in gravity and centrifugal casting processes. Applied Mathematical Modelling 37(14-15)-7643.
  4. & Simulations technique for the design of a vertical axis wind turbine device with experimental validation. Applied Energy
  5. & Benchmark experiments for simulations of a vertical axis wind turbine. Applied Energy 111, 1183-1194.

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External Responsibilities

  • Editor, Applied Mathematical Modelling (published by Elsevier)

    1984 - 2013

  • Editorial Board Membership, Advances in Engineering Software

    2000 - 2012

  • Editorial Board Membership, International Journal of Multi-physics

    2001 - Present

  • Member, EPSRC College

    1984 - 2012

  • Advisor, DTI Technology Programme

    1984 - Present

  • Reviewer, Many International Research Councils

    2003 - 2007

  • Technology Consultant, Multiple International Minerals and Metals Multi-National Corps.

    1990 - Present