Populo is a student-led undergraduate journal which aims to publish and showcase excellent first-class assignments such as essays, reports and dissertations which are produced by students within the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and International Relations.

The editorial team publishes two issues of the journal a year, actively remaining in contact with students involved with the journal via email, social media, and our website.

The process followed by the editorial team begins with a call for papers announcement, where students are encouraged to submit their first-class assignments to be considered for publication. Once the call for papers deadline has passed, the Chief Editor will share the submissions with the wider team, holding meetings where each submission gets considered for suitability. This follows with a shortlisting process and contacting the students directly to let them know the status of their submission as well as the actioning of feedback provided. Once everything has been finalised, the Chief Editor will then format the submissions together into one document, adding additional pages where necessary such as the contents page, end note and get it ready for publishing. 

The journal has recently undergone a re-brand to make it more appealing and modern to students alike. Megan, Chief Editor of Populo has created a new social media page, a website that links directly to Swansea University, introduced a new colour scheme and logo, whilst also making the journal more accessible and visually appealing through the Flipping-Book online feature. 

Megan Salter, current Politics and International Relations Student and Chief Editor of Populo Journal has told us: 

"It truly has been an honour and a privilege to not only hold the position of Populo's Chief Editor for this academic year, but to also be entrusted with the revival of the journal after a two-year hiatus. I have been so passionate about this project because I believe that people who have achieved above and beyond should be celebrated and Populo is a great way to ensure that excellent assignments are admired.

Throughout the course of my role, I have been able to gain a plethora of skills which are highly transferable. For instance, my communication and networking skills have considerably been practised, while equally, I have also learnt about formatting and printing to which I would not likely have been able to gain an understanding of otherwise. 

I have also had the joy of co-organising a fantastic re-launch event for our journal where I was able to meet some of the journal's contributors and key academic staff in person. I also had the opportunity of giving a speech at the event expressing my gratitude and thanks.” 

Visit the Populo webpage where you can find out more information and take a read of the Spring and Summer issues recently released: https://myuni.swansea.ac.uk/faculties/fhss/socsci/populo/

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