Lauren Morris

Education and Primary PGCE graduate Lauren Morris has been acknowledged for her academic and extracurricular activities by her peers and academic tutors.

Throughout her academic career, Lauren also became a fitness instructor and completed courses which have led her to teach fitness focusing particularly on menopause and strength training.

With training under her belt, Lauren has gone to work alongside her fitness colleagues and local Labour MP Carolyn Harris, to play an integral role in running a successful 6-week programme built to support women going through perimenopause.

Including a series of online and offline events, the unique nature of the programme was incredibly successful, and it resonated with all involved.

As well as supporting her local community, Lauren is also an ambassador for Davina McCall's online fitness channel – ‘Own Your Goals Davina’. This platform gave Lauren the experience of supporting women from all over the UK which also included talking to women working at ITV Wales about the role of fitness in their lives.

When asked about her enriching experience, Lauren had this to say:

"The skills I have gained through teaching fitness classes and public speaking during these events have given me confidence to grow as a teacher in the classroom throughout my degree and PGCE.

My work in health and fitness has helped me understand how being active can support my physical and mental wellbeing, a topic at the forefront of education in Wales."

Congratulations on all your achievements at Swansea University and beyond, Lauren!

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