International Women's Day today we celebrate being a woman in higher education. We discuss our fortunate position, of living in a country where higher education is not just a male opportunity. We share our varied experiences from a range of perspectives of university life. On the podcast today Rhian Ellis and Mandy Jack talk to Sophie Leslie Student Partnership and Feedback Development Office, Liza Leibowitza former Swansea University student and the welfare officer for Swansea University students union, Saabina Abubaker second year student studying psychology and sociology; Dr Helen Williams lecturer in people and organization, based in the school of management, Professor Yamni Nigam faculty of medicine, health, and life sciences and Joanne Parfitt Head of English Language Training Services. Together we show how far we have come from the London 9 back in 1869, but how much there is still to do#BreakTheBias 

In this episode

Sophie Leslie

A photo of Sophie Leslie

Liza Leibowitz

A photo of Liza Leibowitza

Saabina Abubaker

A photo of Saabina Abubaker

Dr. Helen Williams

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Prof. Yamni Nigam

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Joanne Parfitt

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Mandy Jack

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Rhian Ellis

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