One of the cornerstones of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) commitment to maximising impact of their investments are the Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). IAAs were introduced to provide flexible support to universities and other research organisations for activities to accelerate and widen the delivery of impact from the Research Councils portfolios.

For 2022-25, Swansea University received approximately £3m and uses the IAA funding to develop and implement a programme of innovative approaches that will transform the impact of its EPSRC, AHRC, ESRC and MRC related research.


The Impact Acceleration Accounts are funded by UKRI, and are hosted by our Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS) department at the University. IAA funding enables researchers across Swansea University to develop flexible, creative and tailored approaches to increase the impact of their research by building new, or developing existing partnerships with individuals and organisations interested in working with the University to maximise the outcomes of our research. Details of our internal IAA funding Calls are here (Swansea University staff only). 

IAA’s also facilitate building skills to enhance a culture of knowledge exchange by supporting academics to apply their research to a wide range of global challenges from STEM to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. 

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