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A Swansea University researcher is appealing for Welsh volunteers to share their memories of past disasters for a new study that will look at how these memories are processed by people living in Wales and in France.

PhD student Lucrèce Heux, who is carrying out the research, is asking for volunteers to complete an online questionnaire that will question them about their memories and knowledge about past disasters and to what extent did these events upset them and why. Lucrèce will use the data to examine if there are differences between Welsh and French memories of disasters.

The joint study, will be carried out with the Université Grenoble-Alpes, in France and is funded by Swansea University Strategic Partner Research Scholarships (SUSPRS).

Lucrèce said: “I hope my study will uncover more about the processes that are involved when we remember disasters, as individuals and members of a community. In the current globalisation context, we might expect some similarities as well as differences between the two neighbouring countries.

“I’d like as many people as possible in Wales to take part and to share their valuable experiences, as they will help us to explore new ways of measuring memory and oblivion. Ultimately, their participation will build a greater understanding of the management of communities and territories that are affected by disasters.”

The online questionnaire can be found here

For further information, contact Lucrèce at 941722@swansea.ac.uk

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