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University and Swansea Tree Forum plant trees for National Tree Week

Swansea University’s Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) and Swansea Tree Forum have planted a number of trees outside the city’s Guildhall as part of their commitment to offset work related staff travel with tree planting.

The trees were gifted by the Woodland Trust as part of National Tree Week, with ESRI and Swansea Tree Forum members being joined by Coeden Fach Community Tree Nursery and pupils from Gower College, Dylan Thomas Comprehensive School and St Helens Primary School.

ESRI Founder and Director Professor Andrew Barron said:

“It is vital that ESRI, as an institute that focuses on the future of energy, should also ensure it is minimising its environmental impact. It is often necessary for an ESRI member to travel overseas to visit partners, and we have decided that carbon offsetting all the air travel that is required is the first step to a net zero future and we are delighted to be planting the first of many trees as part of our offsetting programme.”

Swansea University’s Mary Gagen, Professor of Geography and a member of Swansea Tree Forum said:

“We are delighted to be able to bring trees donated by ESRI’s new carbon offsetting programme together with Swansea Tree Forum’s Woodland Trust trees to get some much-needed additional tree canopy coverage for the city centre.

“We have worked closely with the council’s fantastic tree officers to select trees that will not only enhance this lovely part of our city but provide green infrastructure benefits, bringing oxygen, homes for insects and animals, important wellbeing benefits and flood defences to our city.”

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