Welcome to Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting

Our BA Modern Languages degree allows you to combine the study of one, two or three language(s) with specialist pathways in Cultural Studies, Translation, and Second Language Teaching and Pedagogy. Your third year will be spent either studying or working abroad in the country of your chosen language. All students benefit from our dedicated language labs with access to language channels and an extensive archive of foreign language films. Languages currently available to study at Swansea University include French, German and Spanish.

Our sister degree programme, Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting allows you to study two languages (one of which can be taken from beginner’s level) alongside dedicated modules which will prepare you for your chosen career. To support your studies, we have PC labs equipped with the latest industry translation software, a new Televic conference interpreting suite, access to the College’s state-of-the-art eye-tracker, as well as excellent print and online library resources.

Teaching and learning on both degree schemes is reinforced by extra-curricular activities organized by the Swansea University student-led language societies , weekly Language Cafés and other social events, such as the annual Great German Bake Off, all of which are supported by members of staff in the Department of Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting.

We are currently the only university to offer the chance to study several European languages through the medium of Welsh, and have been doing so for 20 years.   

For more information on our degree programmes and UCAS codes, visit our undergraduate page below, you can also follow us on twitter!

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