Pre-enrolment Career Development Course

Are you a Swansea University offer holder considering a job in the UK, while you study or after graduation? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

SEA’s Career Development course is a complete guide developing you as a professional before you even arrive at the University.

Co-created with international students, this free online course focuses on teaching you about the UK recruitment process, part-time job hunting, CV writing and interview preparation. We understand that studying in a foreign country can be challenging, so we designed the course to be flexible and fit around your commitments. You can learn at your own pace, 24/7, and revisit topics as needed. 

During the course you will hear from our Career Consultants and other professionals. You will also follow Prakash’s journey to learn what he has learnt during his time as an international student at Swansea.

Employability skills are crucial for securing graduate level roles and our Career Development Course for offer holders is a great tool to boost your skills before you arrive at the campus. 

Register via this link to start the course.