An attractive career pathway

Studying health and social care is ideal for individuals who see health and social care as an attractive career pathway but do not wish to pursue professional careers in medicine, nursing or social work.

The degree is excellent preparation for students seeking administrative, managerial type roles within health and social care. It would also be highly relevant in the voluntary and independent sectors and to major charitable organisations with either a health or social care focus.

Nicole Lee

BSc Health and Social Care

Nicole Lee Student

My Story - Nicole Lee

What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University?

I studied A levels (Health and Social Care, Religious Studies, Biology) in Sixth Form.

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

Swansea University offered a great course in a great location .

Can you tell us what you enjoy about your course?

The Health and Social Care course explores and provides a broad knowledge within the health and social care sector. Providing very interesting modules such as public health, health promotion, safeguarding children and young people, sociology, psychology, and social policy. Having the opportunity to study a range of different topic areas and disciplines has been interesting and opens up future career options.   

Can you tell us about your role as Student Leader?

As a Student Leader for ‘Reaching Wider’ I am responsible for a group of school/college students, delivering activities, supporting and providing advice to children and young people across a variety of events. I have worked on Primary events (creating writing day, science day), Secondary events (ACE days, STAR days, subject days e.g. science dissection day, medical physics day, maths quiz), Mentoring (Bae Baglan), and Looked After Children events. I have also taken on a supervisor role to deliver a Welsh after school club.

How did you fit your work placement around your studies?

Being a Student Leader is very flexible, I work on events when I am free fitting in work around my lecture timetable.

What have you gained from this experience?

I have gained so much from Reaching Wider, experience, skills, confidence. I am able to listen and communicate effectively with children and young people from a variety of backgrounds and ages. Problem solving, showing enthusiasm and intuitive, being responsible, reliable and trustworthy, self-management, cultural awareness and diversity, decision making and behaviour management are all the skills I have achieved and developed.

How will your work placement help you pursue your chosen profession?

I will be pursuing a career working with children and young people and their families, being a Student Leader has equipped me with experience working with children and young people from all ages and different backgrounds.

Would you recommend taking part in a work placement to other students?

Yes, work placements are great to gain new experience. I would recommend becoming a Reaching Wider Student Leader to anyone as it is an enjoyable and rewardable job, it doesn’t feel like you are working plus the generous rate of pay is a bonus.

Further details about the University’s Reaching Wider programme, here.