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We are passionate about ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and want to share our research and knowledge with you! Our YouTube channel has videos for you to explore that exemplify this commitment to your learning. 

We are a tight-knit community who aim to inspire learning about remote cultures and languages and bring them to life. Our high-quality teaching seeks to develop and encourage our students’ own critical, research and interpersonal skills.

We pride ourselves on fostering and nurturing ideas and helping students to grow, inside the classroom and out: through group presentations, teaching and museum placements, field trips, blogposts, student publications, and website design.

We are fully committed to public engagement with museums, heritage bodies, and schools. Our students benefit from our links with such organisations and the ways we prepare them for the workplace by encouraging creativity and innovation, leading by the example of our research. Our former students are employed in a wide range of different fields.

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Classics, Ancient History, and Egyptology