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We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the event

If you would like to exhibit please contact the Event Organiser Professor Tariq Butt


Agrifutur Company Logo

The agronomy solutions developed by Agrifutur make an important contribution to organic and integrated farming, by reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic pesticides and, as a result, pesticide residues. 

Biobest UK

Biobest UK logo

Biobest are renowned experts in pollination and biological control and continue to focus on the research, development and innovation of new products. They offer tailored technical advice to contribute to global sustainable production of high-value crops. 


Lallemand Plant Care

Image of Lallemand Company Logo

Lallemand Plant Care researches, develops, produces and markets yeasts, bacteria and other microorganisms with the aim of reproducing, managing and optimizing natural fermentation processes in the agri-food industries.



Fargro specialise in assisting professional growers to solve horticultural problems, from help with crop health to sustainable ways of managing business and new ways of working.



Image of Pelsis company logos

Pelsis develops leading brands for commercial and retail customers, delivering innovative pest control and garden care products to a global customer base.

i2L Research - part of Cawood

i2LResearch company logo

i2L Research is a leading product testing and development centre for the agrochemical, household pesticide, and animal health industries. Their highly skilled team has extensive expertise in plant protection products, biocides/professional pest control products, and GLP soil testing for worldwide markets.

Russell IPM

Russell IPM Logo

Russell IPM is a leading manufacturer for pheromone based insect monitoring and control. Their product range works to protect all stages of the food supply chain using systems
that help reduce the use of chemical pesticides to maintain a safe, secure, sustainable and eco-friendly way of protecting food and other products from pest damage.

Zimmer & Peacock

Zimmer and Peacock Company logo

Zimmer and Peacock provide products, development and manufacturing services centered around electrochemical sensors, biosensors, medical diagnostics and IVD. 


Image of Norsk-Wax company logo

Norsk-Wax is a Norwegian family owned company, focusing on the use of wax in modern plant production and how its ingredients influence plant growth and can be used in agriculture. 

Certis Belchim B.V

Certis Belchim B.V logo

Certis Belchim B.V combines the strengths of two well-established businesses with expertise in product development, registration, marketing, technical and product knowledge to develop Integrated Crop Management programmes which support farmers and growers in providing products to fit the needs of the retail sector and consumers.

Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk company logo

Marks & Clerk have a dedicated team of agritech IP specialists, comprising patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and solicitors. They work across the full range of agritech - from biological pest control and genetically modified crops, to autonomous robots and big machines - advising clients on obtaining, enforcing and licencing Intellectual Property rights worldwide.


Coastal Alliance Wales

Coastal Alliance Wales

Caostal Alliance Wales 

The following companies/organisations are exhibiting and supporting the event


The Toothpick Company

image of toothpick company logo

One of our sponsors for this Symposium, The Toothpick Company are a social business company looking to deploy a bio herbiside technology for the control of Striga Weed in maize farms in Western Kenya. 

Lisk & Jones Consultants

image of Lisk & Jones Consultants logo

Lisk & Jones Consultants aim to provide their clients with support and innovation in technological and market evaluations in the fields of biopesticides, biostimulants and other life science sectors.


image of Fytotec logo

Fytotec proudly demonstrate research on Integrated Pest Management, innovative insect mating disruption systems, and innovative biopesticides. They are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of technical grade pheromones formulation and Biopesticides and more with a prime focus on sustainable products for farming.

Green Protecta

Green Protecta Logo

Green Protecta is dedicated to the development of crop protection solutions that enable farmers to achieve the highest productivity while ensuring the best safety conditions for human health and the environment.

Puffin Produce

Puffin Produce Logo

Puffin Produce is now the largest supplier of Welsh produce in Wales, supplying a wide variety of potatoes and seasonal vegetables to multiple major retailers and wholesalers.

Crop IQ

Crop IQ Technology company logo

 Crop IQ Technology Ltd "CIQ" are the leaders in the manufacturing and introducing environmentally friendly novel and conventional IPM, bio stimulants and biofertiliser products. 


PhytoQuest Company logo image

PhytoQuest use Science to innovate natural ingredients and compounds in the high-margin healthy-living products emerging from the convergence of food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

International Foundation for Science

International Foundation for Science logo

Based in Sweden the International Foundation for Science is as a non-governmental organisation which supports research into water and bioloical resources that relates to genuine problems and generates fundamental and / or applicable scientific knowledge that can be put to use. 

Glyco Health

Company logo image

Dr Nash Glycohealth aims to develop innovative pharmaceutical products utilising Glycobiology (sugar biology) and the Power of Plants. The source of these products are natural plant extracts with iminosugar content.

International Pest Control Magazine

International Pest Control Journal Image

The International Pest Control Magazine has been reporting on gloabl pest control for over 60 years.

Outlooks on Pest Management Journal

Image of Outlooks on Pest Management Journal Logo

Outlooks on Pest Management is a Bi-Monthly Journal which provides a unique blend of international news and reviews covering all aspects of the management of weeds, pests and diseases through chemistry, biology and biotechnology.

Association of Applied Biologists

Association of Applied Biologists logo

The Association of Applied Biologists are a learned society and charity focused across many areas of Applied Biology. Their charitable mission is delivered through the publication of scientific journals, organising conferences, formulating and disseminating policies and providing opportunities to reduce barriers to access for our members.


AgoriIP project logo

AgorIP can help you realise the potential of your idea, product or research. A team of experts, based at Swansea University, support the journey of taking an “IP” to the marketplace and making it a commercial success.



Emerald Research

Emerald Research Company logo

Emerald Research Ltd provides a universal approach to the entire cropping system and full cropping cycle. Aiming to improve crop performance, sustainability, a reduction in fertiliser use and pollution and increase water use efficiency.

International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control


The International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control (West Palaearctic Regional Section) is one of six regional sections established to promote environmentally safe methods of pest and disease control in plant protection.

VRTU Reality

VRTU Reality company logo

VRTU Reality aims to explore the multitude of benefits VR can bring and apply them to a wider range of industries, such as agriculture, than has traditionally been associated with virtual reality.

2Excel Geo

2Excelgeo company logo

Specialists in Remote Sensing 2Excel Geo provide end-to-end remote sensing solutions from data capture to data delivery and everything in between.

Echo Works

Image of Echo Works logo

Echo Works has a wealth of experience in creating AR solutions, VR experiences, mobile applications and interactive web installations.


Pennotec company logo

Waste biomass accumulates as a result of manufacturing activity; agriculture, food and beverage manufacture, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and fuels and bio-fuels. Pennotec provides advice and technology that helps business owners and operators convert this waste into marketable resources. 



CABI logo

CABI is an international, inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.


iFormulate Company logo

iFormulate was founded by two experienced industry professionals to provide training, innovation events, consultancy and project management in the area of formulation science and technology.



HLB Logo

HLB is a Dutch company which brings knowledge to practice to create a more sustainable farming future. An integrated approach is central to their aim: healthy soil and healthy crops are inextricably linked.


Neovite logo

Derived from the colostrum of cows Neovite is a multifunctional food for health and performance. It is high in nutrients and contains protective agents with natural immune and repair factors.





Razbio Logo

Razbio Ltd is a forward-looking biotech company, that aims to deliver natural and safe solutions for agricultural crop production and preventing human, animal and plant diseases.

International Pheromone Systems

IPS logo

International Pheromone Systems provide a nature based approach and specialist knowledge for natural and safe solutions to monitor and manage pests in agricultural and domestic environments.

Symbiosis IP

Symbiosis IP logo

Symbiosis IP is a patent attorney firm serving exclusively the life science industry. They have a wealth of experience in working closely with academic institutions and early stage start-up companies. 

Institute of Chartered Foresters

Institute of Chartered Foresters Logo

The Institute of Chartered Foresters is the Royal Chartered body for foresters and arboriculturists in the UK. It is the only UK body to offer the Chartered Forester and Chartered Arboriculturist titles.

Trees Please

Trees Please Logo

Trees Please are the biggest tree nursery in the North East of England supplying over 8 million conifer, shrub and broadleaved trees per year to a wide range of customers based all over the UK. 


Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies Logo

Hummingbird Technologies provide satellite imagery analytics for the agri-food sector, to deliver monitoring, reporting and verification tools for regenerative agriculture, helping to detect key management practices to improve environmental outcomes. 

Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research Logo

The Rothamsted Research Institute is a world-leading, non-profit research centre that focuses on strategic agricultural science to the benefit of farmers and society worldwide.


Grffn logo

GRFFN Growing Real Food For Nutrition is a Not for Profit CIC which aims to promote learning of how to grow, measure and promote the benefits of nutrient dense food. It's mission is to deepen citizens’ understanding of how we derive nutrition from natural processes and to realise its impact on human development.


Engineering Research Network Wales

Engineering Research Network Wales logo

The Engineering Research Network Wales  spans all of the Welsh universities and brings together researchers working in the fields of engineering, technology and applied science. Their aim is to build research collaborations and shared models of working, advocate for engineering in Wales, and facilitate engagement of the academic research community with industry and the public sector.

FJ Agile Solutions

Agile Solutions Logo

fj-Agile Solutions are a unique strategic partnership focused on the Medtech sector. They produce solutions that launch new products, increase market shares, build strategies, streamline processes, inspire innovation, refine supply chains, and create brands. They offer flexible and agile solutions, delivered by specialist individuals or teams, which provide the right expertise at the right time without building in fixed costs.




Koppert Logo

For over fifty years Koppert has been pushing agricultural innovation. Growers and farmers worldwide use their products and knowledge to restore the natural balance in their crops. Improving crop health, resilience, and yield.

Natural Products BioHUB

Natural Products BioHUB logo

The Natural Products BioHUB aims to bring together business, industry and world-class academic expertise, combined with highly qualified researchers and technical experts, to help drive cutting edge research, development and innovation within the Natural Product Sector.