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Degree Apprenticeships are an exciting and innovative way for individuals to gain a degree whilst in employment, offering an alternative route to higher education for both school leavers and those already established in their career.

Combining traditional academic learning with work-based training, Degree Apprenticeships offer a pathway to a recognised qualification and professional competence whilst enabling students to apply the knowledge and skills gained into the practical work place environment.

Degree Apprenticeships are funded degree programmes allowing employed people to 'Earn While They Learn' and gain a work-relevant bachelor's degree whilst working.

Programmes usually run for one day a week over a period of three years (often over an afternoon/evening) requiring just ½ day release from work each week, with students spending on average 80% of their time at their employer and 20% spent working towards their degree at University.

Current Courses

Currently Swansea University offers three Degree Apprenticeships:

  • BSc Applied Software Engineering (delivered at Swansea Unviersity)
  • BEng in Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering (delivered through our FE partner Coleg Cambria in North Wales)
  • BEng in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (delivered through our FE partner Coleg Cambria in North Wales)

For further details on these programmes please contact us.