Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic communities and individuals have needed support; whether it’s to put food on the table or access mental health services. 

Some businesses have taken action to support their communities in new and innovative ways, providing services (for free or at a cost price) or collaborating to drive initiatives together to support the most vulnerable.

However, there are many businesses who would like to support their communities and the public/third sector organisations operating in their area, but need additional support and information or access to networks and training to do so.

The Entrepreneurial and Innovative Communities Project has been set up to enable local firms to become more socially responsible and support the communities in which they operate. The project aims to:

  1. Provide short, free training interventions for those that want to help, but don’t know where to start; signpost those that want further training to organisations that can deliver it,
  2. Coordinate with existing community organisations and initiatives so that there are no gaps or overlaps, and the help gets to where it’s needed,
  3. Map the existing support that businesses are providing to their communities so that they can be easily found by those that need them,
  4. Raise awareness of the activity taking place in the region.