The Swansea University School of Education produces world leading research across a broad range of areas.

Research into educational policy, school and system leadership is led by Professor Alma Harris and Associate Professor Michelle Jones; who also convene the Education Research, Policy and Practice research group.  Both hold positions with the World Bank and several international organisations, such as Moscow Higher School of Economics and the Education University of Hong Kong. They have served as advisors to Welsh Government, and Professor Harris is an International Education advisor to the First Minister of Scotland.

Professor Thomas Crick MBE has research expertise in technology in education.  Professor Crick has an international profile and currently chairs the Welsh Government group on Science and Technology Curriculum Reform. Associate Professor Janet Goodall is an international research leader in the field of parental engagement with young people’s learning and offers specialist guidance to many government agencies.

Research into early childhood is another strength of the School of Education.  Dr Amanda Bateman has pioneered innovative research practices with young children and Dr. Jacky Tyrie is a national leader on the subject of children’s rights;.  Dr Helen Lewis’  research centres on young children’s thinking skills, and she also leads research focused upon human-animal interaction.  

Dr. Cathryn Knight has research expertise in Additional Learning Needs (ALN), with a particular interest in dyslexia.  .

Dr Ceryn Evans works in the field of transition from school to post-16 education, and has a particular interest in social inequalities and access to higher education.


Our Pioneering Research: