An effective Digital Learning Platform (DLP) is essential for student learning in the 21st Century, and has a wide range of benefits to all students, including promoting accessibility for, and engagement with learning, in a fully inclusive approach. 

As well as the implementation of a new DLP, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shifted Swansea University to an even more flexible approach to curriculum delivery, personalised learning and student experience. Therefore, the enhancement of the Minimum Standards and Expectations for our Digital Learning Platform is timely. 

Students say their priorities for an effective DLP are that navigation is consistent and simple, information and materials are easy to find, and resources are accessible, organised and designed to support their learning. Moreover, internal survey results indicate that students highly value the availability and accessibility of both learning materials in advance of teaching sessions, and recordings after teaching sessions through video capture. 

Swansea University has had a minimum content policy since 2012 (updated 2013, 2015 and 2018). The 2020-21 update is designed to further evolve the use of DLP, in the learning experience and enhance student engagement in-line with the numerous, ambitious projects taking place across the institution.