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Encouraging Wildlife on Campus

At Swansea University, we are incredibly lucky to be blessed with a wealth of habitats. Guiding our work of protecting and encouraging wildlife on and around both of our campuses is our Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

We protect our wildlife by embedding wildlife-friendly gardening techniques in the way we look after our grounds, identifying suitable areas to create new habitats and ensuring that development of the University takes nature into account.

Our Biodiversity Officer regularly runs guided walks across our Campuses and in the nearby Singleton Park, giving staff, students and the community opportunities to learn more about our wildlife and the chance to get involved with conservation.

Image of Harlequin Ladybird
Image of a gull
Herring Gull and Chicks
Image of Striped Millipede

Wildlife Issues and Incidents

Having such a wealth of wildlife on campus can sometimes lead to unexpected encounters. Whether it is animals finding their way into buildings, chicks falling from nests or having a sandwich snatched by gulls, wildlife can sometimes take you by surprise.

Hopefully the advice sheets below can help to answer some of the more common queries, but for anything else, our Biodiversity Officer can try to answer. If there is an injured animal in need of assistance you will need to contact either the RSPCA, a local vet or Gower Bird Hospital, but be aware that in most cases you will have to take the animal in yourself.

Bee Friendly

This image shows a bee on a purple flower with greenery in the background

Our work to encourage wildlife to thrive on our campuses has earned us Bee Friendly status award. Bee Friendly is a Welsh Government initiative which aims to encourage people to help pollinators like bees and butterflies. We are very proud to be the first official Bee Friendly University in Wales!

We first introduced two beehives to Singleton Campus back in January 2014. The hives did so well that we now have six of them! We're pleased to say that they're still growing strong thanks to the care we have given them. 

Planting native wildflowers and green walls, leaving wild areas for bees to nest and putting up insect hotels have all helped us to create a buzz across our Bay Campus too.

Flora Industria Wildflower Garden

This image shows the Flora Industria Wildflower Garden which is based at Swansea University Bay Campus. There is lots of greenery, metal and a sign explaining the purpose of the garden.

September 2018 saw the official opening of our Flora Industria Wildflower Garden. The garden, funded by Grow Wild (the national outreach programme of Kew Gardens), sits alongside the ORACLE at our Bay Campus. It's a post-industrial wildflower garden, designed to show how man and wildflowers can live side by side even amongst the silos, chimneys, towers and furnaces of the most uncompromisingly manmade landscapes.

The garden's “weeds” have a fragile beauty that belies their resilient nature, bringing colour and life into our urban landscapes and provide a vital refuge and food source for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. Along with other wildlife friendly planting across our campuses, Flora Industria provides a stepping stone, helping to connect wildlife across Swansea and beyond.

Learn About Biodiversity

Our Biodiversity Officer hosts a number of different events right here on campus.

Come along to learn about all of the different habitats and species you can find around Swansea University, take a tour of Crymlyn Burrows or take part in a litter-pick.  You can also get some fresh air, stretch your legs and take The Nature Trail at Singleton Campus in your own time, whilst discovering some of the varied Biodiversity here on campus.

You can see a full list of all upcoming events by heading over to the Get Involved page.