Unsure of what subject you’d like to study at University? Our Masterclass Series takes place at various times through-out the year to give you a flavour of the different subjects we offer. 

We've had a fantastic lineup of academics so far that have delivered sessions across a range of subject areas. They are a great way to get a feel for what university lectures are like. 

To catch up on our series so far, take a look at our recordings below. Our next series will start again in Autumn 2024.

Previous Series' Recordings

Please note all information given is correct at the time of posting, and further course information is available across our website. If you would like to request captions for these videos, please email the Student Recruitment Office.

Spring 2024

Studying and Practising Mental Health Nursing

Artificial Intelligence and Economics - The Importance of Being Human

Intro to Java: Decoding Classes & Methods

Phobias: Causes and Treatments

Using Forensic Linguistics to Tackle Online Harms

Behind the scenes: light and electricity

The year of women’s sport (again)?

Criminal Law – Making a Murderer

Fact-Checking Boris Johnson's Covid-19 Inquiry Evidence

How can I tailor my Medical Sciences degree at Swansea

Touring CERN: A walk into the antimatter factory

TikTok made me do it! How social media and influencer marketing make us buy

Embracing an Eco-Friendly Future in Materials Science and Engineering

Integrated 4 year MSci degrees in Genetics and Biochemistry

Autumn 2023 

Time Well Spent Or Wasted? How ‘ hassle-costs’ affect your Economic decision-making - Economics

Applications of RNA interference: targeting cancer and insect pests - Biochemistry

Nursing at Swansea University - A snapshot - Nursing

Aerodynamics: How can something with so much maths be fun? - Aerospace Engineering

Traffic, Transport and our Behaviour - Psychology

Reshaping Tomorrow: The Vital Role of Chemical Engineering - Chemical Engineering

How to build a saltmarsh - Geography

How to build a saltmarsh - Geography (Welsh)

Finance - Let's make some money! - Finance

Metal 3D Printing: Building the Un-Machinable - Mechanical Engineering

Gender Inclusivity and the Potential for Linguistic Change - Modern Languages

Medical Law: Prenatal Screening and Informed Consent - Law

New materials for solar cells for aerospace applications? - Materials Science

Spring 2023

Online Folklore, Memes and Myths - Sociology

Active Buildings - Material Science and Engineering

The Greatest Films of all Time? - Film and Visual Culture

What's all the fuss about quantum technology? - Physics

Personality traits and types - Psychology

War in Ukraine Historical Causes and Political Consequences - History

How chemical engineers are making the world a better place - Chemical Engineering

The Anatomy of a Stroke - Anatomy

living through the Post War Dream and beyond - Human Geography

Problems with Common Resources - Leadership For Global challenges

Semiconductors Will Save the World or Destroy It - Physics

The best way to silence the haters - Media and communications

Digital Democracy - Can a website help voters to make a more informed decision? - Politics

The curse of confidence - Business

Pathways to Medicine

Language Policy and the 2021 Census: Are we on the right track? - Welsh

Revealing the Inner World of Materials - Material Science and Engineering