Dr Adam Higgins

Dr Adam Higgins

Research Assistant, Medicine

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792 602301

Welsh language proficiency

Fluent Welsh Speaker

Research Links

Open Plan Office - 528
Fifth Floor
Institute of Life Science 1
Singleton Campus


Adam is a post-doctoral research assistant in the lab of Professor Paul Dyson. His current project involves exploring the efficacy of enhanced bacterial immunotherapy in the treatment of colorectal cancer. This project is supported by AgorIP and conducted in collaboration with Dr Lee Parry at Cardiff University. 

Adam graduated from Cardiff University in 2013 with a BSc in Biochemistry. He subsequently joined the Neurology and Molecular Neuroscience group at Swansea University to begin his PhD studies focusing on gene variants affecting mRNA splicing in epilepsy. Following the completion of his PhD in 2018, Adam continued his research in epilepsy as a post-doctoral research assistant in addition to investigating tubulinopathies relating to malformations of cortical development. 


Areas Of Expertise

  • Molecular genetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Intestinal organoids
  • Tumour-targeting bacteria
  • mRNA splicing in disease
  • Epilepsy

Career Highlights


Adam’s previous work involved identifying and analysing novel mRNA splice-altering gene variants in various epilepsies and other neurological conditions.  

Adam now focuses his genetics and molecular biology expertise on exploring the use of oncotropic bacteria in the delivery of therapeutic payloads in colorectal cancer.  


Dr Lee Parry (Cardiff University)