Senior Research Manager & Data Scientist
Telephone: (01792) 513492
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Room: Cellular Office - 306
Third Floor
Data Science Building
Singleton Campus

I am a Senior Research Manager & Data Scientist at Swansea University, Health Data Research UK (HDR-UK) Wales & Northern Ireland , Administrative Data Research Wales (ADRW), Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (NFJO) Data Partnership & others. Experience of working on a variety of data linkage and research projects. Background in computing and various research disciplines which have evolved over time with his experience of working with anonymised data within SAIL Databank since 2008, as well as other data from the UK nations, and as part of projects with collaborators including those in the FARR Institute, Prudent Healthcare Intelligence Hub, IPDLN and with the NHS. Works with analysts and researchers in both the development and pursuit of their project’s and research, and supports their continued development and training.

Areas of Expertise

  • Public Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Routine data & linkage
  • SQL
  • GIS
  • SAIL databank


  1. Schnier, C., Wilkinson, T., Akbari, A., Orton, C., Sleegers, K., Gallacher, J., Lyons, R., Sudlow, C. Cohort profile: The Secure Anonymised Information Linkage databank Dementia e-cohort (SAIL-DeC) International Journal of Population Data Science 5 1
  2. Szakmany, T., Al Sallakh, M., Akbari, A., Pugh, R., Lyons, R. 105: HEALTHCARE USE BEFORE AND AFTER CRITICAL CARE: A POPULATION-BASED DATA LINKAGE STUDY Critical Care Medicine 48 35
  3. Griffiths, R., Schlüter, D., Akbari, A., Cosgriff, R., Tucker, D., Taylor-Robinson, D., Akbari, A. P071 Linkage of the UK cystic fibrosis Registry with electronic health records in Wales: a new resource for research Journal of Cystic Fibrosis 18 S77
  4. Trefan, L., Akbari, A., Paranjothy, S., Farewell, D., Gartner, A., Fone, D., Greene, G., Evans, A., Smith, A., Adekanmbi, V., Kennedy, J., Lyons, R., Moore, S. Electronic Longitudinal Alcohol Study in Communities (ELAStiC) Wales – protocol for platform development International Journal of Population Data Science 4 1
  5. Griffiths, L., Cortina-Borja, M., Tingay, K., Bandyopadhyay, A., Akbari, A., DeStavola, B., Bedford, H., Lyons, R., Dezateux, C. Are active children and young people at increased risk of injuries resulting in hospital admission or accident and emergency department attendance? Analysis of linked cohort and electronic hospital records in Wales and Scotland PLOS ONE 14 4 e0213435

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  • PM-151 Introduction to Population Health: Systems and Organisations

    This module is designed to provide the foundational knowledge necessary to develop a deeper understanding of historical context and contemporary developments within population health approaches. It considers the often competing conceptualisations of 'health' and 'well-being' and the ways in which these have shaped the structure, function and processes of local, national and international health policies and health care systems locally, nationally and internationally. The module explores the promise that population health approaches hold in the context of the 'healthcare crisis', including new healthcare models and innovative solutions which are designed to prevent ill-health and better meet people¿s health needs.

  • PM-265 Population Health Management, Solutions and Strategies

    Population Health Management (PHM) is concerned with the organisation and management of healthcare delivery systems in a manner that makes it more clinically effective, more cost effective, and safer. This module examines established Population Health Management approaches and the strategies required to create a balance between the often competing interests of clinicians, funding bodies, managers and patients.

  • PM-344 Capstone Project

    The aim of this module is to provide a capstone experience to students¿ learning, through participating in their own enquiry-based research project. Depending on the student's employability strand within the programme, the project may be laboratory, data, or education-based, but it will always involve a research question that is drawn from the literature, focused on a topic relevant to medical science. It will ask a novel research question and involve the critical analysis of research findings. Students will refine their oral and written communication skills to a graduate level through creating an introductory presentation on the project background, and a written dissertation and oral presentation on their research conclusions.

Key Grants and Projects

  • Electronic Longitudinal Alcohol Study in Communities (ELAStiC) 2015 - 2018

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
May 2018 Present Senior Research Manager & Data Scientist Swansea University
2015 April 2018 ELAStiC project - Research Officer Swansea University
2012 2015 Wellcome Trust - Research Officer Swansea University
2010 2012 GeneCIS / CONSTRUCT - Research Officer Swansea University
2008 2010 Information and Data Analyst Swansea University