Professor Paul Bennett

Professor Paul Bennett

Professor Emeritus (Human & Health Sciences), College of Human and Health Sciences

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792


I am a qualified clinical psychologist with a strong interest in health psychology, and in particular how people cope with illness and the threat of illness.  I also focus on the development of simple, brief, self-help interventions that may be of benefit to the majority of individuals experiencing anxiety in relation to illness and prevent the need for more intensive therapies. The interventions we have developed are deliberately generic, and with various modifications have been used in populations including women undergoing genetic risk assessment, people with a venous thromboembolism, and health care professionals working with covid-19.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Health psychology
  • Clinical psychology in relation to health

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

I teach two courses at 3rd year level as well as ad hoc contributions to other 3rd year and MSc courses:

  • Psychosocial factors in chronic disease
  • Psychopathology: anxiety disorders

I have also written a number of relevant textbooks:

Bennett P. (2021) Clinical psychology: an introductory text. 4th edition. Buckingham: Open University Press.

Morrison V. & Bennett P. (2015). An introduction to health psychology. 4th ed. London: Pearson Publishing.


I am presently supervising PhD students exploring a range of health and disability related issues, including: coping with thrombosis (Chloe Harrison), coping with failed cardiac resuscitation of emotionally close individual (Rhian Lewis), the impact of visual disability (Kirsty Hill) and coping with MS (Matthew Harvey). In addition, studies exploring and potentially ameliorating the impact of caring for covid-19 patients and anxiety associated with thrombosis are underway.

Award Highlights

I am a previous Chair of the BPS Division of Health Psychology.