My background is in primary, initial and continuing teacher education. I am the Programme Director for the BA Education course, and in my previous post I held responsibility for overseeing programmes including BA Education Studies, MA Education and a Primary PGCE.

My main research interests lie in the principles and pedagogies relating to the development of children’s thinking skills and metacognition, and in early years pedagogy.  My doctoral thesis focused on young children’s thinking and the teaching of this. I am an accredited trainer for a number of thinking skills programmes and have studied at Project Zero, Harvard University.

I am also interested in exploring a approaches to support wellbeing, teacher reflection and close-to-practice research. I am undertaking original research in the rapidly growing field of human-animal education and interaction.

I am a peer reviewer for a number of academic journals, am an experienced External Examiner and am a Team Inspector for the Welsh Inspectorate, Estyn. I am experienced in supervising postgraduate students.

Areas of Expertise

  • Thinking skills and metacognition
  • Initial and continuing teacher education
  • Reflective practice
  • Animal assisted education and intervention
  • Close to practice research and enquiry


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  • EDN108 Creative and Critical Thinking in Schools

    What do we mean by `thinking¿? Why does creative and critical thinking matter? Can we teach people to think more effectively? This module will explore what is meant by `thinking¿ and intelligence. Students will explore what we mean by the term `thinking¿ and examine the dispositions and habits of mind, which support children¿s thinking. Students will consider the work of researchers such as Gardner, McGuinness, Ritchart, Lipman, Costa, De Bono, Craft, and Siraj to develop an understanding of what effective thinking looks like, and how we can make it visible to learners. Students will look at how thinking is approached within educational curricula, with a particular focus on the Welsh curriculum. Students will explore how to support the development of children¿s critical and creative thinking in a variety of practical ways, including entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • EDN202 Protecting and Promoting Wellbeing in Education

    This module will focus on promoting and protecting wellbeing in the context of education. It will consider policy and legislation based on rights to, and within, education. The increased emphasis on emotional health and wellbeing in education will be highlighted using contemporary research to critically evaluate evidence based practice. Safeguarding issues, processes and a multi-agency approach in professional practice will be explored. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their own educational experiences in relation to rights, safeguarding and wellbeing.

  • EDN308 Curriculum Studies

    This module is designed to enable students to develop an understanding of specific aspects of the core subjects of the National Curriculum for Mathematics, Science and English. Taught sessions will focus on identifying the factors that create an effective learning environment for pupils in schools and will address issues relevant to the primary and secondary phases. Particular attention will also be given to the cross-curricular responsibilities of literacy, numeracy and digital competency and how these provide a continuum of development across the age phases.

  • EDPM10 Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment: Exploring Effective Teaching and Learning

    This module explores learning and teaching in educational contexts. The module is designed to help students extend and deepen their knowledge of theory and research relating to the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Students will explore and analyse national and international curricula, and consider how curriculum reform is being accomplished in different contexts. Students will critically evaluate theories of learning, and critically examine what forms of pedagogy and assessment are needed to achieve a broad range of learner outcomes.

  • EDPM20 Research Methods

    This module will provide an overview of research methodology in preparation for the research aspects and requirements of the Masters programme. It will cover the main aspects of social science research and will guide participants through research design, data collection, data analysis and data representation. The course will offer a guide to the main steps involved in planning and designing a research project and will offer advice on how to practically manage this process. It also will include consideration of how to select and refine research questions, how to conduct a literature review and the ethical considerations that may arise within a social science setting.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Senior Lecturer - Swansea University School of Education

    2019 - Present

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
1993 1999 Primary school teacher Lewisham Borough Council, London
1999 2006 Primary Numeracy Consultant Education School Improvement Service (ESIS) Four County Boroughs of Bridgend, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf
2006 2019 Senior Lecturer: MA Ed Lead/ Primary PGCE Lead University of Wales Trinity Saint David

External Responsibilities

Key Grants and Projects

  • An evaluation of a school to school professional learning model 2019 - 2019

    , ERW regional consortia

  • Successful Futures for All 2017 - 2019

    : involves researchers from 5 HEIs across Wales., with Power, S., Taylor, C., Newton, N., Conn, C., Chapman, S., Davies, O., Kneen, J., HEFCW

  • An exploration into effective and efficient assessment strategies in primary and secondary classrooms 2017 - 2017

    , ERW regional consortia

  • Wellbeing and Future Generations Act. Tales with Tails: the impact of dogs in classrooms 2017 - 2019

    , UWTSD bursary