In this episode, we hear from Matthias Dilling and Zoe Clegg, lecturers and student experience leads in their respective departments. They give us an insight into how they are developing effective practice in Assessment Design and Feedback on their modules, and students’ response to those strategies. They also give us a preview of the feedback workshop they will be delivering at this year’s SALT conference.

Additionally, we hear from Rhian Ellis, a Senior Academic Developer from SALT, about the importance of developing Assessment Design and Feedback practices, and the resources SALT provides to these ends.

Registration to attend this year’s SALT conference is now open. Be sure to book your place to be able to access Matthias and Zoe’s workshop.

Swansea University staff can also find out more about the PGCert, CPD Programmes, ABC learning Design, and other resources on Assessment and Feedback mentioned in this episode via the SALT website.

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Matthias Dilling

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Zoe Clegg

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Alex Bailey

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Rhian Ellis

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