What is Research as Art?

Research as Art is a competition which provides a platform for students, researchers and university staff to convey the importance of their research.

For researchers used to describing their work in academic papers, distilling their research down to one picture and a 150-word description can present a challenge.

However, Research as Art is less about the stunning picture, and more about the story. It's about what goes on behind the research; what it means to be a researcher.

Heather Honey Pollen - Chris Cardew

Close up of a cell

The Lore of Attraction - Lauren Burns

Many faces

Why enter?

Throughout the years, Research as Art has achieved a reach of over 50 million people worldwide through press coverage of the project. Research as Art has also exhibited across the UK including within the Royal Institution in London, as well internationally such as in the University of Texas Austin and University of Texas Houston. The  images submitted to the competition are also used across the University, for example on the University website.

When does it open?

The Research as Art 2019 competition is now closed. Keep an eye out for the announcement of this year's winners and the date of next year's competition.


Crabs Blood Close Up

Crab's Blood and Collaborations - The Bluefish Project

Winners and Runners-Up


Bright colorful blocks

Bioblocks: Building for Nature - Ruth Callaway

Winners and Runners-Up


Close up image of a metal plate

Mirror of Heaven: Byzantine Silverware in Use - Heather Hunter Crawley

Winners and Runners-Up


Paper cut outs from a book, shaped like people

Rising from the Page: Bringing Medieval Women to Life - Sparky Booker

Winners and Runners-Up