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What is Research as Art?

Research as Art is a competition which provides a platform for students, researchers and university staff to convey the importance of their research.

For researchers used to describing their work in academic papers, distilling their research down to one picture and a 150-word description can present a challenge.

However, Research as Art is less about the stunning picture, and more about the story. It's about what goes on behind the research; what it means to be a researcher.


Drawing of a group of old fashioned people

Living with Vernon - Katherine Murray

2019 - Winners and Runners Up


Crabs Blood Close Up

Crab's Blood and Collaborations - The Bluefish Project

Winners and Runners-Up


Bright colorful blocks

Bioblocks: Building for Nature - Ruth Callaway

Winners and Runners-Up


Close up image of a metal plate

Mirror of Heaven: Byzantine Silverware in Use - Heather Hunter Crawley

Winners and Runners-Up


Paper cut outs from a book, shaped like people

Rising from the Page: Bringing Medieval Women to Life - Sparky Booker

Winners and Runners-Up