Dr Simon Rudkin
Senior Lecturer
Telephone: (01792) 606159
Room: Office 204 - 204
Second Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus

Dr Simon Rudkin obtained his PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester with a dissertation that explored the micro-theoretical aspects of supermarket competition and empirically investigated the welfare implications thereof. His work on supermarket intervention effects has appeared in Environment and Planning A, with subsequent papers gaining traction in the public health literature. A theoretical model emerging from the thesis was published in Economics Letters in 2014.

A passionate believer that Economics can contribute actively to a wealth of societal issues his subsequent projects have been defined by a desire to bring together concepts from across the discipline to advance broader understanding. To this effect he has works on Chinese real estate investment and inbound tourism expenditure. Current projects include explorations of the potential for big data techniques within economics, analysis of innovation in conjunction with the expansion of infrastructure in China, and works which consider financial and management applications of econometrics.

All PhD applications are welcomed in any field of applied microeconomics, econometrics and data analysis, whether within economics or as a contribution with other disciplines. His research outputs provide a good guide of areas of expertise.


  1. & Live football and tourism expenditure: match attendance effects in the UK. European Sport Management Quarterly, 1-24.
  2. & Healthy food diversity and supermarket interventions: Evidence from the Seacroft Intervention Study. Food Policy 83, 125-138.
  3. & Deconstructing Supermarket Intervention Effects on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Areas of Limited Retail Access: Evidence from the Seacroft Study. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 46(3), 649-665.
  4. & Industrial carbon abatement allocations and regional collaboration: Re-evaluating China through a modified data envelopment analysis. Applied Energy 233-234, 232-243.
  5. Dynamic Fiscal competition with public infrastructure investment: Austerity and attracting capital inflow.

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  • MN-3048 Advanced Economic Analysis

    This module presents analysis of a number of key issues in both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

  • MN-3567 International Economics and Trade

    The aim of this module is to illustrate the major developments in international economics from the main stems of micro- and macro- economics, including the theory of international trade, the theory of trade policy, the theory of exchange rates, the dynamics of country┬┐s external balance, and currency crises, with each of their empirical applications.