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Dr Yasmin Friedmann

Dr Yasmin Friedmann

Senior Research Data Scientist, Health Data Science

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792 518691

Research Links


Yasmin is a Senior Research Data Scientist for the Adolescent Mental Health Data Platform (ADP) in the Medical School. She holds a PhD in astrophysics and have years of experience in working with complex datasets ranging from sky maps to the human proteome, microbial DNA, production and field data of insulin pumps and now administrative, health and education datasets in SAIL and ADP.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Data Analysis
  • Modelling
  • Statistics
  • Bioinformatics

Career Highlights


Yasmin is currently working on analysing linked education and mental health data for adolescents in Wales.  
Previously she has been supporting different groups within Swansea University Medical school with data analysis. Her projects included identifying antibody drug conjugate targets in silico, analysing Chip-Seq and RNA –Seq experiments, writing pipelines for the assembly of bacterial genomes, epidemiological modelling of MRSA spread in hospitals, statistical analysis and experiment design of a new heart pump design.