Dr William Walker
Senior Lecturer
Biomedical Sciences
Telephone: (01792) 513482
Room: Academic Office - 227
Second Floor
Institute of Life Science 1
Singleton Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • immunology
  • pancreatic cancer
  • biomarkers
  • therapeutics
  • RNA-interference


  1. Walker, W., Healey, G. Development of Pre-Clinical Models for Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of Candidate siRNA Targeting STAT6 PLoS ONE 9 2 e90338
  2. Healey, G., Evans, N., Hopkin, J., Davies, G., Walker, W. Evaluation of nasal epithelium sampling as a tool in the preclinical development of siRNA-based therapeutics for asthma Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 17 3 356 364
  3. Healey, G., Zinnen, S., Lockridge, J., Richards, I., Evans, N., Walker, W., Walker, W. Identification of small interfering RNA targeting signal transducer and activator of transcription-6: characterisation and selection of candidates for pre-clinical development J. RNAi Gene Silencing 6 401 10
  4. Walker, W., Healey, G., Hopkin, J., Walker, W., Healey, G. RNA interference of STAT6 rapidly attenuates ongoing interleukin-13-mediated events in lung epithelial cells Immunology 127 256 266
  5. Gao, P., Walker, W., Moller, M. Variation in dinucleotide (GT) repeat sequence in the first exon of the STAT6 gene is associated with atopic asthma and differentially regulates the promoter activity in vitro Journal of Medical Genetics 41 7 535 539

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  • PM-304 Biomolecular Research Project


  • PM-347 Human Immunopathology

    The module aims to provide students with a greater understanding of the human immune system and the causes of a range of diseases associated with immune dysfunction including autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders and neurological conditions.


  • Contemporary approaches to the diagnosis and management of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma, examining the role of ELISA and Raman Spectroscopy in the development of reliable biomarkers to aid early diagnosis (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr William Walker
    Other supervisor: Prof Peter Dunstan
    Other supervisor: Prof Venkat Kanamarlapudi
  • Targeting the interleukin-13 receptor (IL-13R)alpha2 expressing pancreatic cancer by a novel hybrid lytic peptide drug (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr William Walker
    Other supervisor: Prof Venkat Kanamarlapudi
  • Functional characterisation of EFA6R, a possible biomarker for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (awarded 2019)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr William Walker
    Other supervisor: Prof Venkat Kanamarlapudi