Dr Cathryn Knight is a Lecturer of Education in Swansea University School of Education. Her interest lies in the area of Additional Learning Needs (ALN) with a particular interest in dyslexia. Further areas of interest include teacher education, the Welsh education system and the use of secondary data in education research.

Mae Dr Cathryn Knight yn Ddarlithydd Addysg yn Ysgol Addysg Prifysgol Abertawe. Mae ei diddordeb ym maes Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol (ALN) gyda diddordeb penodol mewn dyslecsia. Mae meysydd pellach o ddiddordeb yn cynnwys addysg athrawon, y system addysg yng Nghymru a defnydd data eilradd mewn ymchwil addysg.


  1. What is dyslexia? An exploration of the relationship between teachers' understandings of dyslexia and their training experiences. Dyslexia 24(3), 207-219.


  • EDN201 Child Development

    This module aims to enable students to gain an appreciation of key issues within developmental science. They will consider critical and current questions relating to development, for example, nature versus nurture, discontinuity versus continuity and active development versus passive development. Classical and contemporary theories will be presented. Students will consider development across domains from birth through to adolescence.

  • EDN203 Additional Learning Needs

    This module considers how additional learning needs (ALN) and special educational needs (SEN) are defined within legislation, statutory regulations and guidance. Current ALN/SEN policy and practice is explored. Implications of divergence in practice between Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom are considered. The module provides an opportunity to study the prevalence, etiology and management of a range of ALN/SEN. Contentious ALN/SEN related issues are highlighted and discussed.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Examination Officer - School of Education

    2018 - Present