Free Exhibition Hall

This is a family event with over 30 FREE exhibitions which you don’t need to book – just turn up and explore!  Explore a seagrass meadow, build your own battery and solar-powered toys, discover how ancient Egyptians mummified their dead and learn how to love a maggot!

Take a look at what exhibitions are on offer

28th - 29th October 10am - 4pm at the National Waterfront Museum

The secrets of mummification

The secrets of mummification

Discover how the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead with our life-sized dummy mummy

Spectacular specimens on your doorstep

Spectacular specimens on your doorstep

Get up close with fossils, plants and animals of all shapes and sizes from the spectacular collections of Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales. Meet our Museum Scientists and hear about our research and collections, from your doorstep to the far-flung corners of the Earth

The Plantasia tropical zoo

The Plantasia tropical zoo

Visit the team of Plantasia Tropical Zoo to learn about their rainforest collection, and meet some of their favourite animals, including snakes, reptiles and creepy crawlies. Featuring free prize give aways throughout the day


Love a maggot

Turn your fear, disgust or disdain for maggots on its head at our Love a Maggot exhibit hosted by the Swansea University Maggot Research Group

Sustainability in a material world

Sustainability in a material world

Join us to learn more about how Materials Scientists and Engineers are developing solutions for a sustainable future. Get hands on with microscopy, building your own battery and solar powered toys

Robot rampage

Robot rampage

Come along to our robot workshop and meet our robot dogs and 8 foot robot cat

Ynni Da

Ynni Da

Bring Energy to Life with Ynni Da. Be part of this wonderful exploration into energy, build and experiment with wonderful renewable energy resources. Saving energy can be fun and keep you fit.

Exploring and Painting your Dreams

Exploring and Painting your Dreams

Would you like to turn your dreams into a work of art? Tell Sleep Scientist Mark Blagrove all about your dream and then paint it with artist Julia Lockheart.

Sunday only, 2.00 - 4.00pm

two little girls doing craft activities

Born in Wales: Healthy children healthy families

Throw the bean bags at the different targets to show your knowledge of what affects healthy children and healthy family life

diagram of a hydrogen bike

Explore Hydrogen Energy!

Discover how Hydrogen can stop us from polluting and provide a green prosperous future!

display with flyers and tvs

Esports Wales - Career Pathways in Esports

Love Gaming? Then come along to the Esports Wales stand and learn about the gaming scene in Wales.

small black lava balls in a hand

Demonstration of Low carbon space heating through thermal storage materials

We will showcase how we intend to capture heat from industry and use it to provide space heating. To demonstrate, we’ll run an interactive event where participants can generate heat from our materials using their own breath.

sign language signs

Raising Deaf Awareness

Understand how the ear works and why some people are Deaf and hard of hearing. Learn your name in British Sign Language

DVLA text

Are you a Coding Genius

We are running a coding competition for all age groups from 7 to 16 over the weekend with some fantastic IT prizes to be won. There will be lots of hands-on activities for you to get involved with, if entering the competition isn’t your thing. You don’t want to miss this!


Science bookstall

A bargain bookstall of science books for children and adults. All money raised will go to OXFAM to support renewable energy projects in communities dealing with the impact of climate change.

pupils solving a problem

Technocamps Activities Exhibition

Think you can beat our Robot Rubik’s Cube solver? How about scoring a goal in our robot football? How about programming a hole-in-one with our robotics mini-golf course? Come along and take part at our Technocamps exhibition stand!

train tracks and trains

Interactive Railway Exhibition/Workshop

An opportunity to drive trains on our model railway and learn about how our smart railway system works.

NHS 75 balloons

NHS at 75

What do you see as the most important development in healthcare over the NHS's 75-year history? Vote for your favourite, and write your messages for the NHS in our giant birthday card.

two boys looking at the jar with a green spider

Microbiology Scramble

Microbiology Scramble is easy if you’ve ever played Scrabble, and is a great way to get both children and adults to engage with microbiology.

fast vehicle

The Shape of Speed & Imaging Exhibition

Practice your engineering skills and learn how the Swansea University Race Engineering (SURE) Team designs and builds cars to be aerodynamically efficient! Come along to the Oriel Science stand to compete against others and learn how to make a CD hovercraft.

Word Snac written on white background

SNACs taster for science: The Psychology behind eating behaviour

Food for thought: How much do you think about food? Come and enjoy some SNACks with us, as we explore the science behind what we eat, food choice, the influencing factors driving our eating behaviour, and ways to eat a more healthy and sustainable diet.

animation of two dinosaurs

Ask Wellness Rex: Social Media's Impact on Youth Wellbeing via Dynamic Dino Comi

Our research-savvy dinosaur Wellness Rex tells us how social media could be related to young people's wellbeing in terms of mood, friendships, and sleep quality. Visit us to see the comic books, social media pages, and reading sessions.
For young people aged 9+ years.
a scientist in a white lab coat

Experiencing the living microverse

Get hands-on with the microbial world by seeing their shapes, and playing with the molecules and materials microbes make that can also be used as novel drugs, coatings and adhesives.

a scientist in a white lab coat

Mathematical Circus - selection of Mathematical educational resources

Our fun, noisy and very interactive mathematics exhibits and education resources entertain visitors and create interest in applied mathematics. Making mathematics enjoyable and accessible.

different planets and children looking through the telescope.


Outreach activities to raise the profile of Astronomy in Swansea with demonstrations of telescopes and equipment used in the pursuit of the hobby from a few members of Swansea Astronomical Society.

Closeup of a water drop on a leaf.

Superhydrophobic Painting - using nature's patterns to generate artwork

Learn how evolution controls water repellency. Interactive exhibits demonstrating the wonder of nature's patterns. 

old computers

Computer Necromancy: How IT all began

We've resurrected an exciting range of devices from the genesis of personal computing for you to enjoy and try yourself! Leap the gap from text to graphics by mastering the Dragon and polishing the Apple: earn, work, and play like it's the 1980s and bring back nostalgic memories or marvel at what impressed your parents and grandparents.

children in the beach examining the shark eggs

Dive into VR for a thrilling shark egg identification experience!

Learn how to identify species of sharks through an immersive virtual reality experience designed for Project SIARC, by Swansea University MSc students. Examine, handle, grasp, and delve into the fascinating details of shark eggs like never before.

plastic on a beach

Plastic on beaches around the world

Guess the objects found on a remote, uninhabited island in one of the largest and most pristine Marine Protected Areas in the world. Rate the beach – guess the best to worst for plastic pollution.

BioHUB logo

Green Solutions: How Natural Products Power Our Daily Lives

Nature's Toolbox: Find out how natural products can help provide a greener future. We will explore the potential of natural products from microbes, from algal machines to (insect) killer fungi!

brain prototype

Engineering the body

We will showcase devices built in the Biomedical Engineering Simulation & Testing (BEST) Lab that replicate organs seen in the body. Visitors can interact with physical organ models learning about physiology and biomechanics from our research Team.

small bugs

All the small things..

Who makes the earth under your feet? It’s the small things that make the soils super and the flowers flourish.

A child in a costume fishing toy ducks

Chemistry Carnival

A carnival booth for pre-school and older in which contestants fish for ducks and then answer a question on the secret gas listed on the bottom. Prizes for the right answers.

Children with white helmets

TATA Steel

Introducing a 3D printer for STEM creativity with a delicious twist! Join us for branded freebies, colouring and face-painting fun!

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