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Funding your future

Money Advice and Support

For guidance on all areas of student funding, including grants, loans, bursaries and benefits. We can also help you to manage your money more effectively.

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Cost of Living

The cost of student living varies according to personal circumstance and lifestyle, but students in Swansea benefit from a favourably low cost of living in comparison with most other University cities.  

As a rough guide, we estimate living expenses to be approximately £6000 to £8000 per year, including accommodation.

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Alternative Sources of Funding

The majority of postgraduates in the UK put together their own funding package from a range of sources. There are numerous organisations that offer scholarships, grants or awards for postgraduate study.

Our Guide to Alternative Funding Sources will provide advice on researching your funding options.

Guide to Finding Funding

Start looking early

Do your research

Apply for everything you can

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