Universities have an important role to play in the promotion and practice of sustainability.

Sustainable practices are increasingly being mainstreamed within the Higher Education sector. Swansea already has a great deal of experience in managing cutting-edge research into sustainability and is leading the way with a number of innovations that have been introduced on campus. For instance, the University was the first in Wales to achieve Fairtrade status and staff commitment to waste minimisation is also high - the University has stepped up its recycling policy and collection points for waste paper are now in every department.

The University's Campus Catering division has a strong commitment to sustainability and has recently published a Sustainable Catering Policy .

Other initiatives include:

  • Used vegetable oil from campus turned into BioDiesel locally
  • Sustainable procurement policies
  • Sustainable practices incorporated into new buildings (e.g. geothermal exchange in the Institute of Life Science)
  • The Alternative Travel Map
  • RCE Wales - a Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

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