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Here at Swansea University, we have a large range of accommodation from Budget to Premium, take time to look at what accommodation will suit your budget and your lifestyle, apply early as some rooms fill up quickly, especially on Singleton Park Campus.  Once you have your student number you can apply for accommodation.

*Costs are based on a Typical Medium Room in that category. Restriction on certain types of accommodation such a 1 & 2 Bed flats are reserved for students on 51-week contracts.

Prices vary for different types of accommodation please see: Finance & Fees 

CampusNo.Typical Type of RoomAvg. cost Per Week*
Bay Campus 2005 Mainly Ensuite Rooms Medium Ensuite  - £138
Beck House 130 Mix of Standard & Ensuite Rooms Medium Ensuite  - £120
Hendrefoelan Student Village 1030 All Standard Rooms Medium Standard   - £89
Singelton Park Campus 1180

Mix of Standard & Ensuite Rooms

Medium Ensuite  -  £131
SAS Lettings 665 Standard Room in Off-Campus Shared Houses Medium Standard  -  £90

Our Residences

Bay Campus

Bay Campus Residences

Beck House

Beck House Residences

Hendrefoelan Student Village

Hendrefoelan Student Village Residences

Singleton Park Campus

Singleton Park Campus Residences

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Check out our A-Z of information, where you can find resources on:

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When to apply for accommodation?

When to Apply for Accommodation

  • As soon as you have a student number you can apply for accommodation
  • Applications normally open in February
  • Once students confirm Swansea as their firm or insurance choice for study an email is sent out by the admissions office explaining how and when to apply for accommodation
  • They’ll also receive their six-digit Swansea student number which they’ll need to apply for accommodation.
  • Click here for more information on applying!

We accept applications for accommodation even if Swansea is your Insurance Choice and we do not ask for a deposit unless you are allocated and you wish to accept your offer of accommodation.

About our Guarantee?

A place in residence is guaranteed to all new full-time undergraduate students who:

  • Hold and accept a firm offer to study on a full-time degree course at Swansea &
  • Make an application for accommodation by 30 June

This means to be guaranteed a place in residence you must be studying full-time, meet the terms of your offer from Swansea and apply for accommodation by 30 June.

Applications received after 30 June are allocated by date alongside Insurance and Clearing Students.

Some residences are very popular and heavily subscribed, therefore, we do not guarantee a place in a particular residence.

For more information see Guarantee and Allocations Process.

If an application is received after 'A' level results or student are coming through Clearing, we appreciate that there is very little time until the start of term starts and it may take a couple of weeks to process your application.  Here are a few things that you can do to prepare, check our pages on preparing for arrival information, this will help you plan.

Our A-Z of Information

We have a whole host of information on our Website including:

What Support is available?

There is a full support network for students from:

  • Our Residence Life Co-ordinator and Residence Life Assistance are here to support you through your time in accommodation.
  • Money@CampusLife provides advice and guidance on all student money related issues.  For many students, starting university will be the first time they will have managed their own finances. Meeting this challenge successfully will help ensure students achieve their maximum potential whilst studying and will contribute to a positive student experience
  • International@CampusLife provides information and advice on non-academic matters, including immigration advice and services, to all international (non-UK) students and their dependants.
  • Wellbeing@CampusLife , for students experiencing difficulties and need support. They can point you towards what type of service or support would be most beneficial.
  • Disability@CampusLife - If you have a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty, contact Disability@CampusLife to find out more about the support that is available to ensure you have the same opportunities as everyone else. 
  • Welfare@CampusLife provides advice and guidance to students on a range of welfare issues including homesickness, culture shock, bereavement, bullying, harassment, relationship breakdowns and many more. Everyone has a different student experience when they start University. Be assured that we are just as concerned about students' welfare as we are about their academic studies and performance.