Applying for Accommodation

The Online Application Process

Now you have hopefully decided on which residence best suits your budget and lifestyle, you can make an application for accommodation.

Once you have chosen your accommodation the Apply On-line Step by Step pages will guide you through setting up an accommodation account.

A few simple tips to help you secure the right accommodation!

  1. Apply yourself: or if someone is making the application for you, ensure they have all of your options in order and double check the confirmation email is all that you have applied for.
  2. Note ANY medical conditions: this includes anything that would have an effect on your accommodation should you not get alloated your 1st preference.  This information is strictly confidential and only used by the person allocating your accommodation.
  3. Note any specific requirements: such as is you have a preference on where you would like to be allocated, who you would like to be allocated with, please ensure that you both note this on your requests.
  4. All of the choices available: especially if you have chosen the most popular. If you have any preferences, request etc., please feel free to write it in the Specific Requirements box.
  5. Make sure you apply for the correct academic year of study otherwise your application could be missed. 
  6. Know what happens next?
  7. Any questions email:  

When to apply for accommodation

Unconditional, Conditional,Insurance

  • Applications are open for: Unconditional, Conditional & Insurance students
  • Apply by 30th June to be guaranteed accommodation - Unconditional & Conditional students only
  • Applications received after the 30th June will be allocated in accordance with the Clearing and Late Applicants
  • Once you confirm Swansea as your 1st/2nd choice, the accommodation application process continues as shown in the accommodation process timeline

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Clearing & Late applicants

  • In 2014 we housed over 300 Clearing Students
  • Late applicants are any students applying after the 30th June
  • Once you have confirmed Swansea as your clearing choice you can apply for accommodation.
  • Applications for clearing students open after 'A' Level results
  • Please apply by the 5th September

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Suspended Studies

  • If you suspend your studies before 1st February in your first year you are eligible to reapply for University residence when you recommence your studies.
  • Apply online as a new undergraduate 

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Once you are accepted to study at Swansea, we will send you information that includes your six digit student number which you can then use to complete your application online by clicking here.

  • To be considered for university accommodation, make your application as soon as possible.
  • Offers are made in date order of application once your offer from the University becomes unconditional
  • If you have your results and your University offer is unconditional before July you will get an accommodation offer at this time

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