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Swansea University Operational Credits

Credit points can be regarded as the currency for modular programmes. Each module is allocated a fixed credit weighting which gives an indication of the workload associated with that module. 

You are expected to devote approximately the same amount of time for modules which have the same credit weighting. In a practical-based module, most of your time will be spent on practical work and in preparing for assessment.  In a lecture-based module a considerable amount of your time will be spent on private study.  In total, you will be expected to spend approximately 100 hours studying per 10 credit point module. This will include formal teaching sessions/laboratory/practical work, private study, revision and assessment.

Undergraduate Credit Allowance

Full-time undergraduate students will normally pursue a total of 120 credits a year. If you have registered for a three-year honours degree programme you will therefore be expected to pursue modules attracting 360 credit points; for a four-year programme it will be 480.  For full details of the credit requirements of various programmes, please refer to the specific regulations found in the section entitled Undergraduate Award Regulations.

If you are a part-time student you are normally expected to pursue modules totalling 60 credit points per academic year, although this requirement can be adjusted slightly with the permission of the Head of College, provided that the minimum and maximum requirements of 30 and 90 credit points, respectively, are honoured.

Postgraduate Taught Awards Credit Allowance

Full-time students will pursue the following number of credits:

Standard (One Year) Taught Masters programmes 180 credits, with 120 credits in Part One of your programme and 60 credits in Part Two.
Extended (Two Year) Taught Masters programmes 240 credits, with 120 credits in Year One of your programme and 120 credits in Year Two.
Flexible (One Year) Taught Masters programmes 180 credits

If you are a part-time Taught Masters students you are normally expected to pursue modules selected in consultation with your Programme Co-ordinator. Part-time students will normally pursue between 30 and 60 credits each year.

Postgraduate Diploma students are expected to pursue 120 credits and Postgraduate Certificate students 60 credits.

European Credit Transfer System Credits (ECTS)

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) was developed to provide common procedures to guarantee academic recognition of studies abroad. It provides a way of measuring and comparing academic merits and transferring them from one institution in Europe to another.

Swansea University credits values are translated into ECTS credit values by dividing the Swansea credit value by two.  For example 20 Swansea credits is equivalent to 10 ECTS credits.

Official documentation, such as the academic transcript and the Higher Education Achievement Report, available to you when you complete your programme of study in Swansea, will refer to both Swansea and ECTS credits.

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