Swansea University

Suspension of Studies (Taught Programmes Only)

4. Return to Study/Withdraw


Where a student has suspended their studies for health reasons, the student must provide to Student Records, as a condition of their re-enrolment, written confirmation from their treating medical practitioner or GP that they are fit to resume their study and/or such other evidence which is requested by Student Records / Academic Services.


Students returning from suspension should ensure that they are able to resume their studies and:

  • Where they suspended due to personal circumstances, the student should ensure that the personal circumstances are no longer affecting their studies;
  • Where they suspended due to financial concerns, the student should ensure that they have met, and can continue to meet, their financial obligations.


The maximum candidature period shall not be automatically extended for candidates who suspend studies. Candidates may extend their request to suspend studies provided that they can complete their programme of study or obtain an exit qualification within the maximum candidature. Candidates who require an extension to the maximum candidature period shall apply under the specific regulations.


Where candidates fail to return to their studies by the date specified and where no response is received to any communication from the College/University the University shall assume that the student has withdrawn from the University. The candidate shall be informed in writing that they have been withdrawn and their record amended. The student shall have the right to appeal against the decision in accordance with the Academic Appeal Regulations.

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