Enrolment, Arrivals and Induction

Enrolment & induction elements to complete

Your guide to Swansea University Enrolment and College Induction.


Event DateEventEvent Information
August-September Joining your course Before you Arrive Checklist
19 September Online Enrolment opens Online Enrolment FAQ 
Enrolment cycle (PDF)
Friday to Sunday
23 - 25 September
Arrivals weekend
Arrivals and Welcome
 Friday to Thursday
23 - 29 September
International non-EU Registration Register in person
Monday to Friday 
26 - 30 September
Welcome Week & Induction Undergraduate Induction
Postgraduate Induction
Fresher Events
3 October Start of teaching & learning and research Term & Semester dates
Academic Colleges

Enrolment Online

You will need to login to the intranet and enrol online by:

  • Checking and updating your student record and module selection information
  • If you are liable to pay a fee, you will need to make a payment by card online or set up a direct debit
  • Agreeing to the data protection statement
  • Agreeing to be a student at Swansea University and abide by the academic guide regulations
  • At the end of online enrolment you will receive confirmation that you have successfully enrolled.

If for any reason you cannot enrol online, staff will be available on campus to help you.

International Non-EU Registration and Enrolment

If you are not from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you will need to register in person and enrol online:

  • Bring your passport and visa
  • Bring your letter of entitlement to pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card)
  • If we need proof of your entry qualifications, bring your certificates. For example, an original bachelor degree certificate.
  • If your employer, embassy or trust is paying your tuition fee, bring your sponsor letter with you
  • If necessary, book an appointment to register with the police

For full details browse international registration

Pick up your University ID Card

Pick up your new University ID card from one of these venues. You must be enrolled and bring proof of your identity for example, your passport, bus pass, driving licence, UK ID card or other photo ID.

University ID card EventVenueDate & time
Engineering & Management ID cards  Great Hall Room 014
Bay Campus
 23-29 Sep, 10:00-17:00
All other students - ID card pickup  Fulton House Room C
Park Campus
 23-29 Sep, 10:00-17:00
Engineering & Management ID cards  Bay Library  All other dates 9:00 - 17:00
All other students - ID card pickup  Park Library  All other dates 9:00 - 17:00


  • If you have a student loan, after picking up your ID card the University will confirm your attendance which triggers the first student loan payment into your bank account.
  • If you are a new international student, to avoid being reported to the Home Office you must be enrolled and have your BRP and University ID cards.

Attend College Induction and Welcome week events

  • Attend an induction talk about your studies, tutors, module selection, health and safety, IT facilities and attending other events during the week.
  • Receive your course materials, for example, a timetable and departmental handbook.
  • If you need to change your module selection, ask staff for advice before signing up for a module. By the start of term you should have chosen modules totalling 120 credits.
  • Browse your College subject area induction events, dates and times
  • Check out the welcome activities in the marquee outside Fulton House, Singleton Park Campus 

College Induction Timetable for New Undergraduates

College of Arts and Humanities Singleton Park Campus
Classics, Ancient History, Egyptology 26 Sep 10:00 Faraday K
Cymraeg 26 Sep 10:00 Keir Hardie Ystafell 216
Cyfryngau a Chysylltiadau Cyhoeddus 26 Sep 10:00 Keir Hardie Ystafell 130
English Language, English Literature, TEFL 26 Sep 12:30 Taliesin Theatre
History 26 Sep 13:00 Grove Lecture Theatre
Languages & Translation 26 Sep 10:00 Faraday L
Media & Communication 26 Sep 11:00 Faraday B
Political & Cultural Studies 26 Sep 12:00 Faraday Lecture Theatre
College of Engineering Bay Campus
Aerospace 27 Sep 11:30, Engineering Central B004
Chemical & Environmental 26 Sep 14:00Engineering Central B004
Civil 26 Sep 11:30Engineering Central B004
Electrical 26 Sep 11:30Engineering Central B003
Foundation year (Engineering) 26 Sep 14:00Engineering Central B003
Materials 26 Sep 16:00Engineering Central B004
Mechanical 27 Sep 14:00Engineering Central B004
Medical 27 Sep 11:30, Engineering Central B003
Nanotechnology 26 Sep 11:30Engineering Central B003
Product Design 27 Sep 14:00Engineering Central B004
Sports Science 27 Sep 14:00Engineering Central B003
Science without Borders & Chinese Visiting students 27 Sep 16:00Engineering Central B003
All other Visiting and Exchange students 27 Sep 17:00, Engineering Central B003
College of Human and Health Sciences Singleton Park Campus
Health and Social Care 26 Sep 09:00 Haldane 016
Healthcare Sciences 26 Sep 09:00 Glyndwr 231
Medical Sciences and Humanities 26 Sep 09:00 Glyndwr 223
Midwifery 12 Sep 10:00 Vivian 202
Nursing 12 Sep 09:00 Glyndwr Lecture Theatre D
Osteopathy 26 Sep 09:00 Vivian Tower 120
Paramedic Science 12 Sep 09:00 Vivian 202
Psychology 26 Sep 10:00 Glyndwr Lecture Theatre D  
Social Policy 26 Sep 10:00 Haldane 016
Social Work 20 Sep 10:00 Haldane 114
College of Law Singleton Park Campus
Criminal Justice and Criminology  26 Sep 10:00 Wallace Lecture Theatre
Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) 05 Sep 10:00 Law Conference Room
Legal Studies 26 Sep 13:00 Richard Price Building
School of Management Bay Campus
Accounting and Finance 26 Sep 14:00 Great Hall 037
Business Management 26 Sep 13:00Great Hall 043
Economics 26 Sep 10:00Great Hall 049
Exchange and visiting students 27 Sep 10:00Great Hall 037
College of Medicine Singleton Park Campus
Biochemistry and Genetics 26 Sep 10:00 ILS2 Hub 5th Floor
Graduate Entry Medicine 05 Sep 09:00 Grove Clinical Anatomy Lab
College of Science Singleton Park Campus
Biosciences 26 Sep 11:00 Wallace Foyer
Computer Science - Year 0 A-M 26 Sep 11:00 Faraday 205
Computer Science - Year 0 N-Z 26 Sep 11:30 Faraday 205
Computer Science - Year1 A-M 26 Sep 09:30 Faraday 205
Computer Science - Year 1 N-Z 26 Sep 10:15, Faraday 205
Geography 26 Sep 09:30 Wallace Foyer
Maths - Year 0 Level 3 26 Sep 10.30 Talbot 213
Maths - Year 1 A-I 26 Sep 10:00 Talbot  224
Maths - Year 1 J-R 26 Sep 11:00 Talbot  224 
Maths - Year 1 S-Z 26 Sep 12:00 Talbot  224
Maths & Sports Science - Year 1 26 Sep 14:00 Talbot  224 
Maths & Language - Year 1 26 Sep 15:00 Talbot  224
Physics 26 Sep 10:00, Faraday Lecture Theatre
Other enrolment and induction events 
Adult Continuing Education 
English Language Training 
European Exchange Students 

How to pay fees

How to pay fees

Joining your course

Joining your course

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Arrivals weekend

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