Course Overview

Management is about making decisions and getting the most from people at every level in all types of organisations. Business Management and Economics at Swansea provides a number of core subjects, plus a number of specialisms or a number of specialists subjects, creating an academically rewarding educational experience that provides an excellent foundation for a broad range of careers.

Key Features

The College, Swansea University provides teaching in smaller groups, with a personalised and supportive educational philosophy that encourages students to reach their maximum academic potential.  All courses are available with a choice of start dates and durations, depending on your qualifications and English Language proficiency. 

When you study in The College, Swansea University, you are a full student of the University from the start of your course.  

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University Foundation


  • Business Studies
  • Composition and Style**
  • Critical Thinking**
  • Economics
  • Globalisation**
  • Interactive learning Skills and Communication 1
  • Principles of ICT
  • Statistics
  • English Portfolio***

** Extra modules only taught as part of 2 semester foundation only.
*** Only students studying the three semester foundation study this module.

First Year Degree in Business Management and Economics (three and four semesters options available) 


Business Management Modules:

  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communications
  • Accounting for Business & Economics
  • Economics for Business, Accounting and Finance
  • Managing People
  • Operations Management
  • Finance for Business and Economics
  • Marketing
  • Maths & Statistics 1 for Business

Economics Modules:

  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communications
  • Maths for Accounting, Finance and Economics
  • Micro-Economics 1
  • Current Issues in Economics
  • Accounting for Business & Economics
  • Statistics for Accounting, Finance and Economics
  • Finance for Business and Economics
  • Methodology in Economics
  • Macro-Economics 1


The following durations and start dates are available, depending on your IELTS Score (see Fees and Pathway Summary for details)

Management Foundation

  • One semester: September, January, or May start
  • Two semesters: September, November or January start
  • Three semesters:  September or May start

Management First Year Degree

  • Two semesters: September, November or January start
  • Three semesters: September or May start
  • Four semesters:  January or May start

Economics Foundation

  • One semester: January or May start
  • Two semesters: September, November or January start
  • Three semesters:  September or May start

Economics First Year Degree

  • Two semesters: September start
  • Three semesters: September or May start
  • Four semesters:  January or May start

Entry Requirements

There are both English Language and Academic Entry Requirements for Foundation and First Year study.

You can be admitted directly to First Year if your academic qualifications do not require a Foundation stage of study. For details please refer to our Admission Requirements by Country document.

If you do not meet the English Language requirement for direct entry to your chosen pathway, you can receive the required amount of English Language tuition at Swansea University to prepare you for successful entry into your chosen programme at a later date.

Please see here for more details.

How to Apply

You can apply via our on-line form.

Before you submit your application, please make sure that: 

  • You know which course you want to study and which date you want to start.
  • You have electronic copies of your academic transcripts, which you will need to attach to your online application. Please note: the limit for all attachments is 25MB.
  • Alternatively you can download the Application Form in PDF format, fill in and send to with the necessary documents. 

Please note: If you are a citizen/permanent resident of the United Kingdom and have not lived outside of the UK for at least three years, you may not be eligible to apply via The College, Swansea University. Admissions staff will review your application and get in touch to advise you.

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees for entry in the academic year 2017/18 are as follows:

University Foundation

£9,950 (1 Semester)£14,550 (2 Semesters)£17,550 (3 Semesters)

First Year Degree

£14,950 (2 Semesters)£17,950 (3 Semesters)£20,950 (4 Semesters)

Second Year Degree
Final Year Degree


Depending on your chosen pathway, your course may have professional accreditation.  For details, please visit the School of Management’s professional accreditation page. 


All Foundation Year programmes will be taught on the Bay Campus from September 2018.  First and further years are also taught on the Bay Campus of Swansea University.  

Additional Costs

Recommended textbooks for this course are available in the University libraries, but you may choose to purchase personal copies.  All software needed for the course is available on the University network for use within University computer rooms.  Free wireless internet access is available across the whole of the University campus, including halls of residence.  Personal costs such as purchase of stationery, photocopying costs, parking fees or travel between the campuses are not included in your tuition fees.  

Contact Us

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